Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Tried diet after diet, not working - Can God Help?

Can God really help you lose weight?

This was the question I asked myself. I have always struggled with my weight, embarking on my first diet in my early teenage years. Since then I have started hundreds, if not thousands of diets. When I was younger I battled with a fluctuating twenty pounds. When it was off I looked slim, when it was on I looked like I needed to lose a few pounds. I piled on the weight when I was stressed and/or inactive. This usually coincided with exams, which included four years at university and chartered accountancy training. Once each set of exams were over I would set about losing the weight through diet and exercise. However, this became harder and took longer each successive time.

I lost weight before my wedding, but put most of it back on with three months. Then a new weight gaining hazard presented itself, pregnancy. After I had given birth to my first child I found myself a stone more overweight than my previous maximum, but I did eventually manage to lose it. However, after my second child I was even more overweight and this time it did not easily come off. I joined a gym, tried various diets and went to a personal trainer. As long as I was focused I managed to lose a few pounds, but as soon as I relaxed the weight would go straight back on. In my teenage years and early twenties I could go on a strict diet for a week and lose half a stone. I was now finding that a week of strict dieting might result in the loss of just a pound. I also found that it was very easy to put this straight back on.

Sometimes I tried to convince myself that I should just accept the way I was and be happy with myself. Each time I tried to do this the resolve lasted a shorter time than most of the diets did. I wasn't happy being overweight;I did not like the way I looked or felt, and the restrictions it placed on me physically. As I was now in my early forties I was being called for various health checks, at which I would be told that I needed to lose weight for the benefit of my long term health. After one health assessment a slim female doctor gave me quite a stern lecture. My cholesterol and blood pressure were up, not to mention body fat percentage. I needed to lose weight.

Yes, I needed to lose weight. What was new? I'd needed to lose weight for most of the previous thirty years. I'd been repeatedly unsuccessful on my own. Why would it be any different this time? I needed help and a new approach. This was when it began to occur to me that maybe there was someone who could help me, God!

Over the last few years God has helped me sort out a lot of areas of my life. However it had never occured to me to ask for help with my weight. Once it did occur to me and I turned to him, I thought that it would all be relatively straightforward. I very quickly worked out how God was going to help. Basically, I was going to diet and exercise like I normally tried to do, but this time God was going to make it really easy. I was going to be able to resist temptation, be regularly filled with the urge to exercise and the weight was going to fall off. Unfortunately it didn't quite happen like that. God didn't seem to be in the situation at all and I put weight on.

Finally, I became upset and cried out to him. I didn't understand what was happening. So many times in my life I have found that it is only when I am desparate that God appears to show up. I now understand the reason for this. He is there all the time, but it is only when I am broken that I finally start listening to him and agree to do things his way. Up to this point I am usually negotiating with God to do things my way, or at least take account of my views. If he was going to help me lose weight, then we were going to do things his way.

God revealed to me that a poor relationship with food is a sympton, not a cause. To truly resolve the problem I had to allow him to help with the causes that were leading to the symptom of overeating and consequent weight gain. It was like any illness in the body. A runny nose, headache and sore throat are symptons of a cold, but not the cause. The cause is a virus or bacterium. We can take all the remedies and painkillers in the world to stop our noses running and heads and throats hurting, but the infection will still be there. It will only be cured when the body's defences defeat the virus or bacterium.

God wanted to cure me. He wanted a permanent solution, not a temporary painkiller. Over a period of seven weeks, God revealed to me on a daily basis the issues I had to deal with to cure the problem. Now I want to pass this on to you, to help you lose weight. I feel so blessed that God cares for me so much and that he has been prepared to invest so much time and effort in helping me. God does not play favourites; he will do the same for you.

It is my prayer that this course will speak into your own life and that you will be as blessed as I have been.

God Bless

Andrea Webster

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